Graham_Lau_2018Research Scientist
Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Graham Lau for the Maggie Turnbull early career award. I strongly believe Dr. Lau exemplifies the spirit of service within the early career
astrobiology community, and beyond. A spirit of service is a selfless dedication to elevating causes that are not one’s own. Dr. Lau has been doing that since I have known him. His relationship with AbGradCon is straightforward. He was a co-convener of the meeting in 2015 when AbGradCon was held in Wisconsin. I met Dr. Lau through the SAGANet STEM Mentoring Labs program where his passion for reaching out to less advantaged communities was exemplary. He is a natural at sharing his excitement about science in general and astrobiology in particular. Beyond SAGANet and AbGradCon, Dr. Lau has been the Director of Logistics for the University Rover Challenge (a position he has held since 2010!), he has been a finalist at the FameLab US science communication competition and a regular presenter at the Fiske Planetarium at CU Boulder where his talk “The Craziest Creatures of Earth” is a testament to his desire to reach as wide an audience as possible. I also want to highlight the fact that he won the Toastmasters Speech Contest in 2013 delivering a speech about overcoming adversity. From these examples, it is clear that Dr. Lau is an avid and successful communicator of astrobiology, and his reach spreads far beyond the immediate astrobiology community. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lau for the Turnbull award. It would be a great investment.