NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow
School of Biological SciencesSchool of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Nadia Szeinbaum aims to understand the microbial metabolism linking the biogeochemical carbon and metal cycles. She does this work while serving as an example to the scientists around her that the life worth examining and living is not just in the laboratory as is exemplified by her postdoctoral leadership role in Georgia Tech’s YesPlus meditation organization, one of only five student organizations certified by the institute as Gold Healthy. Soon she will be able to lead scientists and other community members through meditation programs to help them pursue more balanced lives. She has committed herself to public science enrichment programs both independently and as part of Georgia Tech’s burgeoning Astrobiology community. Following Georgia Tech’s Astrobiology Symposium of October 2017, she gave a Science Tavern talk to a packed public house at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta. More recently she shared her research at the 2018 Astrobiology Colloquium. Leading up to March 2018, she provided integral feedback to the development of The Golden Record, a primarily dance mixed-media piece about the Voyager Missions performed at the Atlanta Science Festival. Now as the outreach lead for AbGradCon 2018, she is bringing this program, as well as a host of other arts events (not to mention an astronaut), to An Evening of Wonder, a program that will introduce families to the joy of exploration while breaking down imagined barriers between the artistic and scientific worlds. Nadia study of biology and passion for sharing it is bringing science to life for people who might never have seen it otherwise.